July 08, 2003


They say if you love someone you have to trust that person completely...and if you do trust that person, there's no reason to be paranoid at all. But what if you trust that person but still couldn't help but get paranoid? Does that mean the you don't love him/her?

You are surrounded with two-timing people. Your girl friends sleep with other guys. Your boy bud cheats on his girlfriend. Your uncles are having an affair with another woman. Your boyfriend has a chickboy image. And you yourself, used to ba a player. You really don't mean to be paranoid but with those kind of people that surrounds you...you will definitely get paranoia.

Paranoia is a disease. So i don't think it has something to do with trust. You can trust the person you love completely and still get paranoid. The person who is with you should know about your surroundings and understand that situation. He should help you cure your paranoia..not make it worse.

One of the things that can help cure paranoia is assurance. How often do you assure him/her that you love him/her? once a month? twice in a month? That i don't think so. You have to assure the person as much as you can...everyday if possible. For those who are currently in a long distance relationship...assurance is a big thing.Maybe they are right.

Maybe being paranoid means not trusting. But not all paranoia is caused by not trusting. Sometimes, paranoia simply means you're just scared...you're scared because you know that the world is full of uncertainties.

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