November 01, 2008

To The Man Who....

*lovingly and patiently takes care of Kian while I'm out the whole day for a gig

*locks fingers and squeezes hands with me before sleep embraces us
*gives(sometimes) me massage during days when I come home tired

*buys me junkfoods and chocolates when i feel down (or mad)
*allows himself to be nagged once in a while

*who buys the things i need even before i tell him to
*wants "lambing" always
*always makes feel loved

*makes me happy
*gave me the best gift ever
*always there for me
*protects me

*is the epitome of the title "bestest best partner in crime and bestest best friend in the whole wide world"
*completes and complements me

Happy Birthday to my one and only. my bestfriend. my pumpkin.

I will always love you and be there for you. "I am happy..together with you" (wink wink) sounds familiar? hahaha


I want to go explicit, but who knows who's reading my blog right? ;) Better safe than sorry.

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