August 23, 2010

Prepping your skin for your wedding

One common question I get during a meeting with a bride is how they can have good skin on their wedding day. It is every brides worry to have a blemish-free skin on their wedding day as cameras and videos will be focused on them. Every bride wants to look good on their wedding photos. Makeup can make you look good but a clear and glowing skin is still the best makeup you can wear.

So here are some tips to prep your skin for the big day.

Drink lots of water. If you can drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, then that's better.  Bring a bottled water everywhere. I suggest putting a bottled water in your bag, at your desk, on bedside table, living room table..etc. You will see the result after a week.

Lessen your caffeine, alcohol and  sugar intake. Sugar can make your skin dull, wrinkled and saggy. The sugar molecules attach themselves to the collagen fibers causing them to become stiff and inflexible leading to wrinkles and facial sag. Alcohol in excess effects the blood flow to the skin and can cause a red and blotchy complexion. Less Caffeine not only helps on having a good skin but also helps on becoming less stressed out.

Exercise. Noticed how your skin glows right after you exercise? Daily exercise increase circulation and that makes your skin look radiant. Exercise will keep in a good body shape and help you become less stressed out.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Twice daily. Never go to bed with a makeup on. If you're too tired to cleanse, you can use makeup remover towelettes. The important thing is that your skin is clean and can breathe during your sleep. If you're worried about not knowing which product will work for you, try going to a dermatologist and ask for an advice. Garnier and Loreal are cheaper brands that works well as much as the expensive brands.

Exfoliate. But not everyday! Once or twice a week is enough. Exfoliation help removes all the dead skin cells from skins surface. This means less blackheads, blemishes and patches on your skin.

Use a Sunblock or Sunscreen. We all know that too much sun exposure is damaging to the skin. So make sure you have a sunblock on before going out.

Again, makeup can make you look good, but a good skin will make you look even better...glowing..and radiant upclose and personal.

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