January 13, 2012

Shoe Lust: Men's boots by The Damned

This  Jerome lace-up boots in red nubuck is from Jeffrey Campbell's first men's line The Damned. Stylish boys should  rejoice that Jeffrey Campbell finally have a line made for them. JC also have a men's version of Lita. How kick-ass is that? Only boys with style and 100% confidence (and rockers too!) can really carry that, I think.

This is the fiirst time I am lusting over a pair of men's shoe. I am inlove with the zipper detail and the fact that it is red. I am willing to starve myself to death to save money so that I can  buy one even if it was made for men, but the smallest one they have is size 8 which is really huge for me. I wish Jeffrey Campbell will make a version for the ladies. Like how JC made a men's version of Lita. For now, all I can do is ogle at the photo and drool. And that depresses me.

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