September 15, 2009

GT INATO's new twist on inasal

GT Chicken Inato is a family oriented restaurant located at the heart of Quezon City along the stretch of Tomas Morato. It started as a small kiosk in Timog Avenue which sells chicken barbeque and pork liempo apparently Tapsilog and Pares is also an addition to the menu. Nevertheless as the demand and customers increased the owners Wilson and Shaey decided to expand by putting up a new restaurant that is bigger and better. The new restaurant’s ambiance is more urbane and cozy to dine in

I was never fond of chicken inato, perhaps the combination of vinegar and salty marinade never suit my taste bud. Not until I first experienced GT’s best seller’s chicken inato with garlic rice although hesitant at first, I went on and gave it a shot. (At the back of my head, I was just going to take a nibble of the chicken just so I can taste it.) Inevitably I ended up finishing it. It was scrumptious, delightfully satisfying indeed. The chicken has a sweet and spicy flavor and considering its grilled the meat should be dry, and yet to my surprise it was entirely different amongst those I have tried it has a distinctive taste that you’ll savor to the last piece. The chicken, when cut in half, its juice flows to the plate. 

Their chicken is juicy and tender I should say not to mention the enticing aroma of the grilled chicken, fresh and hot off-the-grill. Like their competitors, they also offer unlimited rice whenever you order their specials Chicken Inato Leg and Thigh or Breast and Wing. There is also a wide variety of dishes on the menu such as the creamy Laing(a must-try) Calamares, Sisig and Buttered Chicken, Grilled Tuna, Pinaputok na Tilapia, Gambas and so much more. For those who just want to hang out and chill like me especially during weekends GT CHICKEN INATO offers low-priced beers that can be perfectly matched with Chichaskin (which is best eaten with vinegar and chillis) Adobo flakes and the very famous Sisig . The food prices are cheap and very affordable all diners will surely get their money’s worth. The satisfaction and comfort after each meal from GT Chicken Inato is indeed a remarkable experience.

Address: 184 unit A T. morato Ave. cor. sct. Castor   tel #5176000
posted  by: Kaye Florentino

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