September 15, 2009

Moon Festival Events in US and Canada Compilation Now Released for Public Use

A Chinese bookstore for kids is offering to the public a listing of Chinese Moon Festival events in the different US states and some areas of Canada.

The Chinese Moon Festival is always held on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar. This year 2009, the Moon Festival will be on October 3. It is the signal of the end of summer, and the beginning of autumn. It is also a day for thanksgiving and for family to join together.

There are about 3 million Chinese-Americans celebrating the Moon Festival in the US. Usual organizers of events are Chinese trade associations, schools, museums and parks.
Among those that have already announced their events are different organizations in California, New York, Illinois and Vancouver. has been providing for several years compilations of Moon Festival events and other Chinese special holidays, such as the Chinese New Year and the Dragon Boat Festival. This listing is provided for the convenience of interested families to participate in Chinese celebrations in their local communities. Besides the 3 million ethnic Chinese, about 55,000 families have adopted kids from China. There are also less than 2 million Chinese immigrants in the country today. A big proportion of this number is expected to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival.

Currently, the list has about 50 Moon Festival Events and is continually being updated. Expect more Moon Festival events to be posted through the weeks.

Besides compiling a calendar of US-wide events, ChildBook also provides additional free resources that can be used by teachers and students to learn more about the Moon Festival. Moon Festival lesson plans, coloring pages and worksheets are free and printable from ChildBook.

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